The Badday WebRing Home Page

This is the Badday Web Ring Home Page. Members of the ring can edit their settings. And everybody can request to be part of the ring.

The WebRing mechanism provide an automatic linking between members of the same ring by sharing banners and increases the visibility of all the pages.


Request participation to the ring

Using this form you can request participation to the badday WebRing for your site. Your site will be added to the queue, and the badday WebRing master will review your site before deciding if he let you enter the ring (you will be informed of the process by mail). You must provide a few details about you and your site (enter keywords without commas).
Owner's Name:
Site Title:
Site URL:
Password: Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!) 
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site. 
Description: Enter a short description of your site. 

Mannage your WebRing account

Here you can edit the settings of 
your site inside the Web ring.
Site ID No:  


Here is the badday banner. Every member must place a banner on his page to provide access to other members pages. You can use this banner or any other that you may create. To reuse this banner is it you have to copy paste an HTML fragment into your page. I provide this fragment here and the corresponding picture; all you have to do, is to replace the _SITE_ID_HERE_ by your site number given at registration time. The example in this page is configured with the site ID #1. 
Please look at the FAQ about making banners if you are a curious about doing such an HTML piece of work by yourself.
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